oh my gosh OR, the shoes!

okay, first thing’s first. yesterday was kind of busy. i went into the bakery we’re using and ordered our cake(s). it’s gonna be awesome, i promise. and delicious. mmm i can’t wait. i also addressed all the invitation envelopes. it took two hours to do 21 envelopes. whatever. my normal handwriting looks like a 10-year-old boy’s, so i wrote them in cursive, and that made it take a lot longer. never mind that my cursive looks like a 10-year-old boy who just learned to write in cursive’s. cursive = fancy = a little messy is ok.
today i bought the stamps and sent them off. here they are all ready to travel to you (maybe). yes, those are wedding ring stamps. ballin’.

fly safely, little invites!
so, if you’re invited, you should be getting one of these in your mailbox soon. if you don’t receive one, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. it means we’re too poor for you. we (probably) love you very much. please still buy us a present from our registry. we love presents.

on that note (that segue doesn’t actually make sense outside of in my brain, i apologize), today MY SHOES came in!!!
let me tell you a little about these shoes. i have known all along EXACTLY what kind of shoes i want. this is like, the ONE thing i am super picky about for the wedding. dress? what’s cheap and looks good on me and is in my size in the store. veil? birdcage, can find it. place? somewhere cute and outdoors. food? whatever, as long as it’s cheap and tasty and vaguely healthy. husband? whoever. oh, just kidding. no, i’m picky about the husband too. but the shoes. these shoes are like the first child to go to college out of twenty five generations of a family. i’m not kidding. i went to at the very LEAST 25 stores looking for shoes like these. THEY DO. NOT. EXIST. in greenville. i went to 2 rosses, 3 paylesses, tj maxx, marshalls, every store in the mall (belk, dillards, jc penney, sears, macys, nine west, every other store that possibly looked like it might sell shoes), off-broadway shoe warehouse, 2 shoe carnivals, the other shoe-named-store that i can’t remember, old navy just in case, walmart, target… they seriously don’t exist. so i decided to order them online.

the problem with that is that i have weird feet. i’m a 7 1/2, but my feet are wide. my arches are almost flat. i over-pronate something terrible. and a lot of shoes that are wide enough for me to fit my feet into, are too long. so the internet is a scary shoe-place for me, and i left it as my last resort. that’s why i spent two entire days driving all over town looking for shoes. i’m insane, i don’t care. i want my shoes.

but i found them. i did find them online, and several backup ones as well. i ordered ones from a brand i had worn before, hoping the same size would still fit even in a completely different style. i kept a backup pair bookmarked just in case these got here and didn’t fit. but they do. they aren’t the comfiest things ever, but it’s worth it.

here they are, the shoes of my dreams:

little shoes, i’m so glad you’re here.


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How I contributed to the marriages today…

Meg did a lot today. I am very proud of all of her hard work. I feel kinda lame that I’m not able to do more. Work has been pretty insane this past week. Meg and I went to Publix to go grab some Yeungling and Dibs to come home to a whole fire department and like, 5 police cars on our street in front of our neighbor’s apartment. We were freaked out. I ate all of my Dibs :[.

For the wedding… I stuffed your invitation :]

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i just ordered the invitations, and they are on rush order so hopefully they’ll get here soon. here’s a sneak peak:

hopefully all my spelling was correct, because there’s no turning back now! :]

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fittings and bridesmaids and things that excite me

i just got back from my dress fitting at david’s bridal (i am meg. not alex. fyi.) and man, i still love it as much as i did when i first picked it!!!…five days ago! alex updated you on our first big wedding planning day together, so i have a thousand other things to talk about, but i’ll try to keep this one focused.

note: we will not talk about shoes until a later time. i need a little more time to process it..

okay. so. i got my dress fitted tonight. it is perfect. oh and i paid it off, so that is a really nice thing–one less thing to pay for now. i scheduled pickup on it (ten days before the wedding, just in case something else needs to be fixed) and i brought my veil home. it’s gorg. i’ve already shown it to alex so i feel good posting it here:

except it obviously looks cuter on me.

on the bridesmaid front, i only have two of them, so i’ve got it pretty easy as far as wrangling. they both have ordered their dresses (also from david’s bridal) at this point, and a complete coincidence that makes me REALLY excited is that both dresses are the same fabric! which means they will photograph the same. bam.

this is suzanne, my matron of honor’s, dress

and this is aly’s.

*note: the dresses are not exactly that color, nor are they that shiny. DB just uses some sort of photoshop to show you all the colors they come in. they are actually a nice cotton sateen.

i’m having them wear white ballet flats. it’s going to be adorable. promise.

that’s all for now. i’m tired. we are ordering our invitations either tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned!

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o saturday.

Today is my first Saturday as a fiance. It was fuuuullllllll of emotion and adventure. First Meg and I had an appointment with a Ms. Ginga with Whole Foods. They will be catering our little shindig, it really was a lot of fun. We were able to try this amazing BBQ potato salad that blew my mind and Meg insisted that we get their mac and cheese. We both agreed on their chicken fried tofu. Sooooo good if you’ve never had it before. Ms. Ginga was very sweet and it was a pleasure meeting her. Thank you Whole Foods.

From Whole Foods we went to the Rock Quarry Garden, site of the ceremony and picnic, to check out what the sun was doing at 10 a.m.. We were afraid it was going to be brutal on the park and make it difficult for us to keep our eyes open during the ” I do’s”. We love this place, we were lucky enough to get the last available Saturday in August AND it is August 14. Exactly four years from the day we met each other. Pretty cool. *These guys aren’t invited*

*This is where the reception/picnic will be*

Next stop, the bank. Meg and I decided to open a joint checking and savings account. It was pretty boring so I didn’t take a picture. Truth is, I hate the inside of banks. They are so boring. I never go inside. I’ve never even used the drive through. Can you get a home loan through the ATM? That’s the only thing I don’t hate about BOA.

Meg needed to eat breakfast so we went to Panera for some Asiago bagels with cream cheese. Yum.

Then… we went to Target and registered.

It was a ton of fun. Meg registered for a bunch of responsible kitchen type stuff and I scanned two flat panels and a Canon EOS digital SLR. Oh and some champagne. White Star. Yum.

I had a lot of fun with my fiancee. I love her. She’s out getting fitted for her dress and I’m blogging/watching A Few Good Men while hippo naps on my feets.

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that’s right!

our date is set at august 14, 2010. yes, the one that’s this year. yes, the one that is in thirty days. i know. i know. we’re insane.

this blog is meant to be an outlet for all of the insane stress and manic thoughts that will be going through my/our heads over the next month. :]

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