okay, we have been getting a lot of the same questions from people, so…

1. meg’s still in college, right? is she going to finish?

yes, i’m going to finish. i only have one more year, and furman is far too expensive (read: student debt) for me to drop out.

2. so…you’re having a baby, right?

nope. no babies here. not this year.

3. why are you guys doing this to yourselves? are you insane?

of course not. there’s a laundry list of reasons: i have some out-of-town friends that are almost family that would be unable to come to both my graduation AND my wedding next year; the day after the wedding is our 4-year anniversary; we don’t want to wait until next summer because we’re impatient and we sure as heck aren’t getting married during the school year!

4. what on EARTH does “semi-casual” mean? WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?

first thing’s first. take a deep breath. calm down. semi-casual means not jeans, but don’t feel like you have to wear a suit or a fancy dress and heels. the wedding is outdoors, in a park, and your heels will totally sink into the ground. not fun. also, the bride is wearing flats. the wedding is going to be pretty informal. look nice, but don’t make yourself pass out. sundresses + flat sandals or khakis + button down shirts sounds about right to me :]

5. what’s alex gonna do with his hair?

who knows. i have confirmation that he’ll trim his beard and shave, though.

6. are we gonna be getting crunk and dancing all night at your reception?

no. sorry. that sounds like a good time. however, the city of greenville will let us have neither alcohol NOR amplified sound. which means during the ceremony, you have to be VERY VERY QUIET. like tiny little silent mice. also, we’re gonna be peacing out pretty early in the afternoon and taking a nap. it’s going to be an early morning, with doubtful sleep the night before. but you’re welcome to as much lemonade, water, and tea as you can hold!

7. how do i get to this place? where is it?

the address for the rock quarry garden is 200 mcdaniel avenue. it’s a part of cleveland park in downtown greenville. from laurens road, take a left onto washington. hang left (one of those weird streets where going straight-ish changes the name of the street) when washington forks; you will then be on mcbee. the next light will be mcdaniel, and you’ll take a left. the garden is a mile or two down on the right.

any other questions we need to address? let us know!


August 1, 2010. faq. 2 comments.