fittings and bridesmaids and things that excite me

i just got back from my dress fitting at david’s bridal (i am meg. not alex. fyi.) and man, i still love it as much as i did when i first picked it!!!…five days ago! alex updated you on our first big wedding planning day together, so i have a thousand other things to talk about, but i’ll try to keep this one focused.

note: we will not talk about shoes until a later time. i need a little more time to process it..

okay. so. i got my dress fitted tonight. it is perfect. oh and i paid it off, so that is a really nice thing–one less thing to pay for now. i scheduled pickup on it (ten days before the wedding, just in case something else needs to be fixed) and i brought my veil home. it’s gorg. i’ve already shown it to alex so i feel good posting it here:

except it obviously looks cuter on me.

on the bridesmaid front, i only have two of them, so i’ve got it pretty easy as far as wrangling. they both have ordered their dresses (also from david’s bridal) at this point, and a complete coincidence that makes me REALLY excited is that both dresses are the same fabric! which means they will photograph the same. bam.

this is suzanne, my matron of honor’s, dress

and this is aly’s.

*note: the dresses are not exactly that color, nor are they that shiny. DB just uses some sort of photoshop to show you all the colors they come in. they are actually a nice cotton sateen.

i’m having them wear white ballet flats. it’s going to be adorable. promise.

that’s all for now. i’m tired. we are ordering our invitations either tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned!


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