we did it!


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Amy Clifton!

So… we signed our contract with Amy Clifton, easily the best wedding (and other things) photographer in South Carolina. She has a great eye. I imagine both of them are good… I mean to say she really knows how to make a great picture. Please check out her site here. I cannot wait to be featured on it. These will be the best pictures ever taken of us. She does weddings, baby photos, family portraits, music stuffs and event photography. Call her!

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that’s right!

our date is set at august 14, 2010. yes, the one that’s this year. yes, the one that is in thirty days. i know. i know. we’re insane.

this blog is meant to be an outlet for all of the insane stress and manic thoughts that will be going through my/our heads over the next month. :]

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